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Friday, 10 June 2011 03:35

Koncept is an emcee who was born & raised in Queens, NY and now resides in Brooklyn. He is a member of the Brown Bag AllStars.

In early 2008, Koncept got a job working at Fat Beats NY, and with 6 other artists employed by the store decided to form an undeniable rap group called the Brown Bag AllStars. Although the store has closed, Koncept has chosen to never stop giving you that quality hip-hop that can sometimes be hard to find.


Koncept’s energy is unlike anything else you will see today. He brings the most captivating, entertaining performance to any stage, just like he has already shown at packed venues throughout New York City and beyond.

In 2010, Koncept released an EP titled, "Playing Life", which was originally a free download (and is still currently available for free), but is also available on CD. The physical release includes exclusive bonus tracks not available online. The project features production from J57, The Audible Doctor, DJ Brace, maticulous, marink, & DJ Dyllemma. Guest appearances from J57, Sene, & Silent Knight. All cuts on the project are from Juno Award Winning/ DMC Champion, DJ Brace.

For his most recent release Koncept linked up with Cali based producer, Tranzformer, titled “More Than Meets The Eye”. This 5 song free EP was presented by and released February of 2011. Koncept & Tranzformer dropped a video for “Change” featuring singer/emcee, Jefferson Price from the UK. Currently the duo are working on a full length to be released in Summer 2011.

Koncept's tracks have been aired on Sirius XM radio and college radio amongst others all around the world. He has been featured on hundreds of sites and blogs including 2dopeboyz, DJ Booth, HipHopDX just to name a few. He has performed alongside greats such as Pharoahe Monch, Black Thought, Styles P, Big Daddy Kane, Large Pro, EPMD, Tash of Tha Alkaholics, Brand Nubian, Dead Prez, Joell Ortiz, & many more.


How did you get involved with Brown Bag AllStars?

We were all working at a gyro stand in Manhattan owned by The Audible Doctor and his business partner, J57. Soul Khan and myself worked there part time on the weekends. DJ E Holla & DeeJay Element would always come get their lunch from us, & DJ Goo owned the taco stand a couple blocks away, which was our main competitor. We all decided that if we joined together as a team, it would be much better for business on all levels.

And by all that, I mean that we met and became friends while all working at Fat Beats in New York City.


What's the New York Underground Hip Hop Scene like?

I think the current Hip Hop scene in general here in NY is dope. There’s a lot of very talented artists. It’s also good to see that the artists support other artists. I love New York. I mean, I’m born & raised here, but it’s always beautiful to go to other places, other cities and feel the love, and their energy.


Who has influenced you most in Hip Hop?

Besides the music that I grew up on (De La, ATCQ, Gangstarr, Wu Tang, Pharoahe, Black Thought..), and obviously the experiences I have had in my life, I would have to say the people that surround me. I’m very fortunate to have very talented friends, and family, and friends as close as family.

Both artistically, and on a person level. These people push me everyday to progress in what I’m doing.


What has response been like for 'More Than Meets The Eye'?

The response has been great man. I’m really happy that people enjoy the project. Been played on radio shows all over the world, lot of DJ’s playing it. Feels great. I have some videos coming out very soon for a couple of the joints as well.. The first one dropping will be for “Day Dreaming”. 

Tranzformer & myself will have the second half dropping soon as well. If you enjoyed the EP, you will definitely dig the next portion.


What BBAS project (EP, Album etc) did you enjoy the most?

Well, the one that I enjoy the most is the one we are currently working on, which will be our debut album. The other projects that we have done together thus far, “The Brown Tape”, and “Brown Bag Season Volume 1” weren’t done with the guidelines of creating an actual album. I still stand behind them and think that they are great pieces of work. But the level of time and work we put in will definitely show through in our debut. “The Brown Tape” was a process in which we recorded in literally a span of about one week. Soul Khan laid all his verses in one session. J57 & myself in 2 sessions, and the same with The Audible Doctor. It was done more or less to show people who we were, and to have songs for rocking live shows. It was also a way to find our chemistry as a group. “Brown Bag Season Volume 1” is a collection of previous released and unreleased songs. Then a 2nd disc, which is all remixes by DJ Brace, which is incredible. Brace is a robot.

The album that we are currently working on now will be our masterpiece. It will show people the real work we are capable of. There’s still no title as of yet, but it will be released in 2012.


What are you working on right now?

I’m just about finished with my debut project titled “awaken”. It has production from J57, The Audible Doctor, marink, DJ Goo, & Marco Polo.
I’m also working on the second installment with Tranzformer, which I stated above. Then myself and the very talented DJ Brace are working on an album that is still in it’s beginning stages. The beats alone are ridiculous. Then like I also said, the Brown Bag AllStars debut album.


What are you playing on your stereo lately?

Been listening to the new Pharoahe Monch, W.A.R. 

The joints that have been leaking from the Em & Royce.

Still listening to The Roots “How I Got Over”. That album is incredible. Looking forward to the Random Axe project.


Something about Koncept we don't know?

I like to drink a lot of alcohol. Wait, you probably already knew that. Tequila & Whiskey. Beer. You knew that? Ok, my second love to music is snowboarding. If I didn’t make music I would be living in Lake Tahoe, Ca.


When can we see a Brown Bag AllStars world Tour?

As soon as the promoter’s book us. Hit us up! : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For real, hopefully in the very near future.


What's the future for Koncept?

Keep making music that I love, that the fans love. Doing a lot of shows, traveling, and rocking every city possible.




Koncept “Playing Life” free EP


Koncept & Tranzformer “More Than Meets The Eye” EP






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