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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 08:19

Nightvisions Magazine put the word out on facebook that we were looking to interview graff artists from across the globe. The first response was KNECT from in Melbourne, we spoke with him about his style & what he's been working on as of late. Enjoy!


How did you get involved in the graff culture?
I Grew up in the eastern suburbs of melbourne riding the trains to school and was always amazed at the graffiti and panels that I saw in my younger days. my brother used to take me out as a kid on the weekends and pull loops and introduce me to his other mates who wrote aswell.

What is the Melbourne graff scene like in your opinion?
Melbourne has been an amazing city to grow up in the graffiti scene, watching panels roll out of local yards as a kid and catching the train to the city being inspired by the colours that flew past me while hanging out the windows on the old hitachi trains.. inside bombs on every train smelling the ink that was left by a writer before me, and knowing that if went out on the hunt to flick panels that there would be something sitting in a yard or running on a line near by..Melbourne the dopest city australia has to offer to the scene..

Does your tag " KNECT" have any hidden meaning?
I have always tried "connecting" my letter structure into a piece that is formed into one by each letter.

How would you describe your style?
Signature letter structure, with "doo dads" kicks hangoffs, and sometimes technical outline.

What's the most interesting project you have worked on?
Struck a bit of a friendship with a local cafe owner, who was a bit of a "Free spirit" and he was mad keen on the graffiti scene, and he wanted something psycadelic on his side wall relating to the alice in wonderland theme, so i sketchd up a charo on each wall to lay out my canvas, and just took it from there and ended up with a nice one man production...

What artist/s have influenced you?

Tell us something that people don't know about you?
Im a keen fisherman but never seem to get out on the water as much as i would like. "Im stuck to this land based addiction".

What do you listen to when you paint?
My surroundings cause you always need to feel and hear every twig snap and every footstep that surrounds you.

Do you have any advice for artists wanting to get involved in the graff scene?
Make sure you keep your ideas to yourself so mates dont take your style, keep clear from the trouble and be as smart as you can not stepping on any toes, but making those toes walk around you in amazement at what your capable of.

What does the future hold for "KNECT"?.
Success and happiness.



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