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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 14:04

Yipes from Sydney Australia gave Nightvisions a look into his style, background, his plans for the future and more. Check it out for another quality read from the many Graffers we've interviewed recently.


How did you get involved in the graff culture?
I got involved in graff through 2 things I saw a couple of writers when I was about 8 years old doin pieces realising that they hit the wall regularly I kept goin' back to watch and take flicks for my bedroom wall ... turns out this was jasy ibs/nasa and atome ibs/tfp .. the moment I saw this art form I knew I had 2 b part of its culture. I used to buy hype magazine from around the same age 2 inspire me to not only get my tag around town through bombing but to do murals as well as pieces .. I also had a mates older brother I went 2 school with show me where 2 get paint n paint markers textas etc so I spoze from a pretty young age I have dedicated my drawing talents towards graffiti

Whats the Sydney Graff Scene Like?

The Sydney graff scene is I think on another level. the writers around that ive grown up watching r serious about gettin up. more so in the 90s because of writers bench and really a lot of peeps that r now classed as kings n queens in my eyes are a bit older now n stick 2 a lot of legal work but none the less are still painting stronger n better than ever!!! a lot of my generation writers and younger even generations are trying to follow the lead given to us by writers that have been there and done that n did it well but at the same time the stricter laws of today with bigger penaltys makes it hard 4 a writer of today to b out doing midday panels 4 hours at a time or just bombing around town so the scene is still going strong but not half as strong as it used to be which is a shame!!!! writers such as skore rbs ko and dreamone sdc gbf showed how smashing the train line and train yards were the best way of showing how dedicated n talented u r at the same time in the past I dont think will ever get back to that way in Sydney! I know skore still gets amongst that side of graff but not many writers of his time and the 90s r still as regularly up with illegals along the tracks n stuff so very disappointing but none the less there's still the younger gen coming up so hopefully in the future we see it get back to old ways. legal side of things I think its only getting bigger as more people in the community are excepting not only murals n productions but pieces to!!! peeps like jasy n atome are still going strong n r now inviting younger up n coming writers such as myself and spander and emore n many others to write alongside of them on there legals 2 encourage us all to go big.


Does the word 'Yipes' have a hidden meaning?
Unfortunately I chose my tag Yipes 2 ways ..through letters I love writing and just trying to b original so I knew no one else wrote my tag I chose it from a cartoon road runner .. the coyote would have a rock dropped on him n because he doesn’t speak hed hold signs up to speak ..1 sign being Yipes or yikes meaning the same thing..I preferred the p in Yipes rather than the k in yikes so I then started writing yipes.. a small story behind having my tag also is that I over the years have written a lot of tags n all weren't very original.. so I found out a certain recent tag I was writing was sober n didn’t I cop some flack over writing that. 1 bloke actually saw me writing it through a tagged piece of mine on a mates facebook page n decided to get up me 4 writing his tag! He said he had written it 4 years n had tattoos saying sober n all so out of not wanting beef I then changed my tag to Yipes so if your choosing a tag I fully suggest u ask around the graffiti writers community n ask if other peeps have heard of the tag uve chosen around at any time also look up on the net if there's anything about your chosen name linked with another graffiti writer also its meaning.

How would you describe your style?
My style is still evolving n I think it will keep being like that 4 a long while yet!! I'm still learning every piece I do and am still trying to refine my letters to the point of where even if it resembles things out of 10 other peoples style from the older generation it still has the Yipes flare to it!!! ive been called a biter before n I think a lot of writers do bite which to me isn’t the worst thing in the world so long as u put your own flare to it. this is a little unrelated to the question but still that’s sort of how I think my style n a lot of other writers style came about there's only to me a few very original writers with there own style .. but my style fill wise I try 2 be as original as possible n letter wise tryin' have a different twist to it from the last rather than doin the same outline every-time n just change my colours n fills.

What's the most interesting project you have worked on?
The best piece I've been involved in has to be a weekend that just past recently where I was invited by jasy 2 paint along side him atome skore swaze take nexus spander was 1 of the best days of my life!!! painting alongside peeps ive looked up to 4 so many years.! of my fav days was doin a production with my crew muph divers where me spander fore invited take two to my legal wall n all pieced then did a canyon theme mini production was the most interesting weekend painting 4 me as it was my 1st attempt at helping doin the background .. that has made me look at doin' a lot more productions in the future so hopefully more interesting productions to come soon

What artist/s have influenced you?
This is a great question n an easy one none the less but I'm a tryin' rep in no particular order n y .. jasy ibs/nasa because his style n relentless enthusiasm to smash out more than 1 piece a week 4 so many years n his encourgment to me.. atome ibs tfp is by far my favourite writer of all time because of his tidy lines unique style of fills n outlines also because of his encouragement to me n also because of his using all avenues in making a graffiti clothing label oneleg and publishing his work in numrous mags and his own book un*leaded ..poser nrc because of his dedication to smashing legal and illigals to date n the encouragement he gives me take two nrc because of the same also because of his unique ideas n styles he brings all of the above writers ive looked up to 4 many years n give me tips and help me become a beter writer each time I paint!!!! others such as dreamone.. skore .. skae .. lotus .. zume .. taven .. gane .. days .. phibs ..zombe ..many many more for smashing trains and train lines all over sydney swich 4 his encouragement and gettin up illigal and legal 2date.. unique .. spice.. kode.. swaze .. nexus .. for there legal n illigal inpirations over the years n 1 I cant miss is hype mag crew koc ..broke exit.. seiz .. caibs .. and some international writers like swet .. bates .. loomit .. cope .. seen .. n of course mad c

Tell us something that people don't know about you?
Something else that peeps might not know about me is I'm into drift racing n is 1 reason why I had a 10 year break from painting.. I used to spend a lot of my cash on my race car n love smashing tyres n getting sideways in my s13 onevia that and graffiti pretty much somes up my two passions in life. I'm also an Xbox online gamer haha, that is something that not a lot of peeps know about me but I'm kind of obsessed with car games and shooting games.

What do you listen to when you paint?
I listen to the peeps I'm painting with normally coz' that’s what I believe doin' a production is all about just chattin with mates n having a good time but when I'm tryin' to get into a zone I chuck on the old ipod n get the gangster rap music pumping nothing makes me more in the mood 4 a good paint more than some KRS 1 or DJ rectangle

Do you have any advice for artists wanting to get involved in the graff scene?
My only advise to graffiti artist that r trying to b involved with the graff scene is RESPECT.!! thats wat gets u places in this culture! dont go out and cap others work!!!! know that a piece takes preference to a tag!!!! use facebook n other websites to chat to other artist to get inspiration and learn more about graff n its history. hell add me if u want my graff page u can look up is Yipes thats my graff page u can communicate with me n c my graffiti.. n don’t let 1 day pass without gettin up sketching .. painting.. or bombing n just practice practice practice .

What does the future hold for Yipes?
Well the future fore Yipes is hopefully recognition in a wider community I would love to be a well known writer around not only Australia but the rest of the world to. so 2 do so I'm gonna b dedicating every spare second I have to gettin' up a lot more painting with as many artists as possible n just painting as much as I can the rest of my life . so be lookin' out 4 a Yipes md on a wall in your local area!

DUICES mr YIPES 1 Muph Divers 2011


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