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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 15:18

HailsHails is a young graffiti artist and Emcee, who Hails from Adelaide's South. Growing up around Graffiti art and Underground South Australian Hip-Hop he is a product of his environment as you could say. Picking up his First Uni Marker out of the gutter down his street at the age of 13, It all made sense.

4 Years down the track Hip-Hop and Graffiti are huge parts of life to him. A Album in the process (you can hear a few snippets of whats to come @ and a few graffiti art productions in the works with the boys from Writers Possessing Talent and Hated By Society be sure to keep a eye out for this young fella in the future Search Him On Facebook for further art work
"Hails Wpt".

How did you get involved in the graff culture?
I think graffiti runs in certain peoples blood and mine it flows like a endless river, I grew up near sturt legal wall riding my bike as a kid up and down it endlessly admiring and dreaming I could do things like I was seeing. Then at about the age of 13 i picked up the marker and little did I know slowly did all the friends around me.

What is the Adelaide graff scene like, in your opinion?
Adelaide has quite the high level of graffiti in my opinion as everything is always getting killed and I god damn love it. But I do miss the wildstyles which I have not seen much of lately :(

Does your tag "Hails" have any hidden meaning?
When I was starting out I journeyed between a lot of different words but the letters and the way I could spell the word appealed to me, the streets will always be hailed hard.

How would you describe your style?
Sharp and straight to the point, I try to make it as clean and crisp. But I do enjoy as I am sure everyone does to do the odd bubbly euro lettering because when your under the clock in the yards you cant waste anytime aye!

What's the most interesting project you have worked on?
The most interesting project I have been apart of Is actually one I'm currently working on a Skate Park project with a few walls where Ive got a unfinished Production which I plan to have finished in the coming weeks!

What artist/s have influenced you?
Reals from the Ironlak team has been quite the influence in my art he Is my idol. But aside that my crew and mates have always been there giving me tips and influencing me to do different things, styles. So props to the WPT Crew and HBS Writers!

Tell us something that people don't know about you?
I have been doing Hiphop since I started graff and have a album dropping the end of this year so keep a look out! And I try my hardest to think as positive as i can because negativity never will get you anywhere in life.

What do you listen to when you paint?
Jedi Mind Tricks, A.O.T.P, Gravity Ponds, Verbal Arkitex. Anything that you can bop your head to and gets your adrenaline going!

Do you have any advice for artists wanting to get involved in the graff scene?
Don't listen to anyone that puts you down do your own thing because you graff because you enjoy it and like what your putting up, never let other peoples judgement cloud your mind with filth!

What does the future hold for Hails?
I'm aiming for myself to develop my style with more definition, and become a quicker painter and do somethings no-one has ever thought to touch ;) and enjoy life to the fullest because you only live once hey! hails oneee hbs.wpt.


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