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Thursday, 28 July 2011 10:18

It's been a while since Nightvisions dropped an interview from the graff scene. So we thought we'd share a recent interview we had with SPAND (MUFF DIVERS - JG). A well respected and artist from Sydney, his skills and others from the MD JG crew will be shown in the upcoming Nightvisions Magazine.


How did you get involved in the graff scene?

I got involved in the grafitti scene when I was 13.. Thats 1993!! I seen my brother and his mates dropping tags on random objects around the streets, only with texta's, he never graduated to the aerosol era..Me on the other hand was addicted, loved making my mark on society, expressing myself through a tag with a posca etc.. When i started with a spray can, well needless to say,, there was no turning back..


What's the graff scene like in your area?

I'm from QLD, but moved to Sydney at the age of 13.. The graff scene then around Blacktown/Sevenhills area was absolutley crazy.. Crews like BRP...Big props!! They were smashing it, I looked up to them so much & Jasy IBS,  seeing that just inspired me


Where does the name Spand come from?

My tag honestly came from my brother... I just carried on tradition, and tried to take it to the next level.. Me and my brother are best mates, he use to write spander, I took over and cut it back to spand.. Sometiimes I drop the odd spander for him though..


How would you describe your style?

My style is i believe is my own.. I just paint to express myself, I've tried to develope a style that is unique in its own way, hopefully I have pulled it or will pull it off!! I'm always trying to mix it up, stepping out of the box more and more!! Alot of good company to inspire me..


The most interesting project you have worked on recently?

The most interesting project I've worked on hands down would have to be a recent wall I painted with Jasy iBS, Swaze IBS, Take NRC, Skore KO etc.. Some true kings in my eyes.. They are great people to paint with all so talented and happy to help or suggest different ideas etc.. That to me is what grafitti is about!! Hanging out, and just chilling with mates, expressing yourself through your piece..


Anyone who has inspired you?

The artist that have inspired me, are people such as Jasy IBS, Swaze Sfx, Poser & Take NRC, seeing there stuff sometimes makes me want quit haha, but it elevates me to try and step it up.. And also my very good mates,  Serke, Fore, Arems, Yipes and the list goes on, cant thank them enough for being true mates!!


Something we don't know about Spand?

Ok something people might not know about me!! Ok here we go... Admitedly im a coffee freak!! Im a dead set b*tch when it comes to coffee. I go out of my way to get a good coffee, its like i have a compolsive disorder when it comes to coffee!!


What do you listen to when you paint?

Ok when I'm painting usually the boys, generally were all talking amongst ourselves etc.. But when I'm trying to get down, I love me some.. Thundamentals, Bias B, Pegz, & BIG SHOUT out to URTHBOY, SPITSHINE Is the shit.. love my aussie hip hop!!


Have any advice for people wanting to get involved in the graff scene?

My advice to the upcoming generation is just to abide by the unwritten rules..!! Such as you cant do better?? Leave it alone.. Most of all, RESPECT, those who paved the way in grafitti..


What does the future hold for Spand?

The future is bright!! I'll continue going wall shopping try and produce better productions, and just try and step it up as much as possible!! Im going to be painting for as long as i can lift my arm!!


Shout Outs?

The people I have met along the way and those who have inspired me a BIG THANK YOU..  And thank you to all the nightvisions team..



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